Filing your personal tax return can be a complex task. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in offering personal tax services to a diverse range of clients. My streamlined checklist ensures that clients never overlook any deductions on their personal tax returns. Moreover, I stay updated with the latest changes in tax legislation through continuous professional development. Rest assured that your tax return is in the capable hands of a Professional Accountant.

My Comprehensive Services Include:

  1. Employees’ Tax Returns
  2. Investors’ Tax Planning
  3. Sole Proprietors and Partnerships’ Tax Returns
  4. Tailored Services for Seniors
  5. Support for New Immigrants
  6. GST/HST Filings
  7. Expertise for Rental Property Owners
  8. Accurate Capital Gains Calculation
  9. T1135 – Foreign Asset and Income Reporting
  10. T1-OVP Filing
  11. RRSP Planning
  12. Retirement Planning
  13. Filing Back Taxes
  14. Assistance with CRA Appeals & Notice of Objections
  15. New Housing Rebate and New Residential Rental Property Rebate Application
  16. Terminal and Estate Return Filings
  17. Correcting Prior Years’ Tax Return Filings
Taxation Solutions