Business Accounting and Tax

Having a seasoned accountant handle your business year-end and corporate tax return is a smart investment that can save you both time and money. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in providing corporate tax services to small owner-managed businesses. My approach is centered on identifying every possible opportunity to maximize deductions and benefits for your business.

My Comprehensive Services Include:

    1. Compilation Engagement Financial Statements;
    2. Year-End Adjusting Entries;
    3. Business Advisory;
    4. Account Balance Reconciliation;
    5. Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Filing;
    6. GST/HST Return Preparation and Filing;
    7. WSIB/EHT Return Preparation and Filing;
    8. Owner-Manager Remuneration and Dividend Planning;
    9. Investment Write-Up;
    10. Annual T4/T5 Preparation and Filing;
    11. CRA Appeals and Notice of Objections;
    12. Underused Housing Tax Return Preparation and Filing.
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Bookkeeping of the future on the cloud

My cloud-based bookkeeping service offers you the power of real-time financial management. I harness the capabilities of QuickBooks Online, a robust and intuitive platform that ensures data accessibility, security, and seamless collaboration.

My service includes a meticulous review of your monthly credit card and bank statements, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of your financial data. All transactions are diligently recorded in the general ledger, categorizing expenses and income to maintain a well-organized financial record.

I leave no room for discrepancies. Through rigorous reconciliation, I ensure that your bank and credit card accounts in QuickBooks Online align perfectly with their real-world counterparts. This process identifies any errors or omissions, providing you with complete financial transparency.

Year-end financials become a breeze with my expertise. I prepare comprehensive year-end entries, including adjustments for items like depreciation and accruals, ensuring that your financial statements accurately reflect your business’s financial standing.

Thinking about transitioning from the desktop version of QuickBooks to the cloud? I’ve got you covered. My seamless migration process ensures that your financial data transitions effortlessly, backed by my expertise and training.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of cloud-based bookkeeping. Experience the benefits of real-time data access, automatic updates, and collaboration in the cloud, all while maintaining the utmost data security.

Contact me today to start your journey into the future of bookkeeping.

Medical professionals

Are you an Ontario Medical Doctor in search of specialized tax and accounting services designed to meet your unique needs? Look no further – I am here to help. I specialize in providing tailored financial solutions for medical professionals in Ontario.

My services are geared towards simplifying your financial management:

  1. Tax Return Preparation: Trust me to handle your tax returns with precision, ensuring you take full advantage of available deductions and credits while complying with the latest regulations.

  2. Financial Statements: Gain deep insights into your financial health through my comprehensive financial statements, a crucial aspect of your practice’s financial management.

  3. Tax Planning and Strategies: I work collaboratively to develop customized tax plans and strategies that align with your personal and business goals, ultimately maximizing your financial potential.

  4. Incorporation Assistance: Planning to transition to an incorporated practice? I am your trusted partner, guiding you through the process seamlessly.

  5. CRA Communication: No need to fret over complex communications with the Canada Revenue Agency – I handle it all, giving you peace of mind.

  6. Cloud-Based Accounting Software: I offer setup, training, and continuous support with the latest cloud-based accounting software, ensuring efficiency and accessibility.

  7. Year-Round Support: I am not just here during tax season. I am available year-round to address your questions and concerns, providing expert financial guidance whenever you need it.

Your financial well-being is my top priority. Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your financial goals and secure your peace of mind.

Legal Professionals

Are you a lawyer seeking expert accounting services tailored to your needs? Look no further! As a solo accounting professional specializing in legal practices, I’m here to optimize your financial matters. My services cover:

  • Trust Accounting: Ensuring compliance with trust accounting standards, your clients’ funds are in safe hands.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance: I’ll maximize deductions and maintain tax compliance with up-to-date knowledge.

  • Financial Management: Let me assist in financial record management, cash flow optimization, and strategic growth planning.

  • Bookkeeping and Record Keeping: Say goodbye to daily bookkeeping hassles. I keep your records organized and current.

  • Cost Control: We’ll collaborate to find cost-saving opportunities for a more efficient practice.

  • Financial Reporting: Stay informed with accurate, timely financial reports for a clear overview of your firm’s performance.

I understand that your legal practice is unique, and I’ll customize my services to match your specific goals.

Why Choose Me?

  • Legal Expertise: Specializing in serving lawyers, I understand the financial intricacies of your profession.

  • Solo Operator Experience: With years of experience in the legal sector, my expertise is at your disposal.

  • Data Privacy: Your privacy and data security are my top priorities.

  • Ongoing Compliance: I stay updated with the latest legal and accounting regulations for your peace of mind.

Let me manage the numbers, allowing you to focus on the law. Your success is my priority. Contact me today for a consultation to optimize your financial management. Your expertise is in the courtroom, and my expertise is in accounting. Together, we’ll build a solid financial foundation for your legal practice.

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